Welcome Summer! Welcome beach season!

Serenity Salon is located on the north shore right along a stretch of endless golden sand! There are so many nice beaches near us that it’s hard to choose which one to spend your precious summer hours at: Stanhope beach, Covehead beach, Brackley beach, Rustico, Tracadie and many others! The closest beach is Tracadie which is only 5 min away from our salon and you don’t even need a park pass to enjoy it! But we also have our own private beach right on our property and your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or kids can enjoy a stroll while they wait for you to finish your session!  Come and enjoy our beach or one of the other many beaches when you have the chance!

The beach however, is more than just a fun place to work on your tan and go for a dip.  The sea is a superb natural healer.  Here are a few facts for you about the healing power of the sea:

  • The sound – the sound of waves help you relax.
  • The colour – blue is a calming colour and helps you relieve stress.
  • The air – it has a good amount of humidity and salt. It helps keep your skin moisturized.
  • The sea water – is similar to “amniotic fluid”. So soaking in the sea makes you relax like a baby in a mother’s tummy. The sea water has salt and a lot of minerals. You can absorb these minerals through the skin. And the salt purifies and detoxifies your body. Soaking your full body in the sea is better but even just putting your feet in is beneficial.

Remember out here at Serenity Salon we have our own private beach.  So if you come here with a friend you can take a walk by the ocean while you wait for your massage. Or if you come on your own please feel free to take a quiet walk after your massage.  Just going to the sea will be healing for you.

After the long winter this is what we have all been waiting for. And for ideas of what to do to make a trip to our salon about more than just a wonderful massage, go to our page Things to do in the area!

Enjoy the beautiful summer!
Setsuko Nagai,
Head Therapist