If you like a fresh feed of fish and chips than you cant get any better than Richard’s Eatery located just 10 mins down the coast from my salon and right on the Cove Head fishing wharf (so close to the sea that you can hear the fishing boats banging up against the wharf!). It’s my favorite fish and chips shop in the world! Fresh, crispy battered fish, homemade dill and sundried tomato tartar sauce, homemade coleslaw and freshly cut potatoes fried twice for crispness! It’s heaven on earth for a seafood lover. But, not only is the food to die for but it’s a must-see sunset location as well! Be sure to make this your final stop of the day because watching the sun set into the ocean from their second story, open balcony is simply breathtaking! (and, they even sell locally brewed craft beer to sip as you watch the sunset!) It’s the only way to end a wonderful day of site seeing!