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Local Attractions


Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe

This fabulous studio gallery is one of the funnest, relaxing and most beautiful places to shop and dine in the entire country, and it’s located just a 10 minute drive from our salon! They have a huge range of art from local Island artists and a wide selection from international artists that ranges from blown class and hand made pottery to textiles, paintings, books, jewelry, soaps and more! Their extensive gardens surrounding the property are perfect for a leisurely stroll and the sunsets over the gardens are breathtaking. And, why not have a meal, or at least a sumptuous dessert, after you’re done browsing! The food is masterfully prepared by their famous chef, Norman Day, and the cozy cafe overlooks the beautiful gardens. It’s a ‘must see’ stop on any trip to the north shore but be careful once you enter it’s hard to leave!

Covehead Lighthouse

Just 5 mins down the road from Grand Tracadie is the tiny community of Cove Head. It’s famous for it’s fish and chip shack (Richard’s Eatery!) and the stoic little lighthouse set amongst the rolling sand dunes beside the ocean.  Anytime of day it makes the perfect little photo op but it becomes especially magical as the sun sets into the ocean and baths the little red and white beacon with golden, orange light.  When you’re out this way Cove Head lighthouse is not to be missed!  


Tracadie Wharf

Grand Tracadie is home to it’s own bustling little fishing wharf. It’s your quintessential little seaside fishing wharf complete with weathered fishermen’s shacks, bobbing lobster boats and a pretty red mussel plant (where you can buy 10 lbs of delicious mussels fresh from the water for just $10!). Be sure to take a drive down and have a chat with one of the fishermen working on their boats.

Tea Fit For Royalty

If you follow the wide strip of golden sand just five minutes down the road from my place you will come to the enchanting resort of Dalvay By the Sea.  Part stunning old manor home and part fairytale mansion this National Historic Site was once owned by a wealthy American railway baron who spent his summers in PEI. Afternoon tea and cake in the resort’s comfy tea room is one of the special pleasures of any visit to PEI!  You can’t leave Grand Tracadie without stopping here … even the English Royals dropped by for tea! 


Whispering Pines

Just down the road from Tracadie Beach is the little campground aptly named Whispering Pines. At the entrance to the campground is a cute little general store that sells tasty ice cream cones. It’s a great place to stop and get a big, delicious ice cream then sit on the porch in the shade and enjoy the simple, easy pace of country life.

PEI’s Best!

If you like a fresh feed of fish and chips than you cant get any better than Richard’s Eatery located just 10 mins down the coast from my salon and right on the Cove Head fishing wharf (so close to the sea that you can hear the fishing boats banging up against the wharf!). It’s my favorite fish and chips shop in the world! Fresh, crispy battered fish, homemade dill and sundried tomato tartar sauce, homemade coleslaw and freshly cut potatoes fried twice for crispness! It’s heaven on earth for a seafood lover. But, not only is the food to die for but it’s a must-see sunset location as well! Be sure to make this your final stop of the day because watching the sun set into the ocean from their second story, open balcony is simply breathtaking! (and, they even sell locally brewed craft beer to sip as you watch the sunset!) It’s the only way to end a wonderful day of site seeing!


Tracadie Bay Beach

On an island full of spectacular beaches I think the best beach to go for swim is Tracadie Bay Beach. I may be a bit biased though considering you can see the beach from my salon! Tracadie Beach lies on the tail end of the string of gorgeous National Park beaches (Cavendish, Brackley, Stanhope, Tracadie!). Situated just outside provincial park boundaries means you can enjoy it without having to buy a provincial park pass, it’s pet friendly and it’s not as busy as it’s more well-know neighbouring beaches. And, with a long island of sand dunes just several hundred yards offshore it’s one of the most picturesque beaches on the island!