September Specials

I created this special treatment several months ago and was offering it in July/August. I appreciated that many customers requested this treatment, and I’m pleased to say that they liked it very much and I got very good reviews on it’s relaxing effects and healing properties. Still now I am getting many requests from customers […]

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Thank You For Trying Our Fusion Massage and Detoxifying Leg Treatment

I created two special seasonal treatments earlier this year - the Fusion massage in March and the Detoxifying leg treatment in April and May. To my delight many people tried these and were very pleased with the treatment and results.

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Treat yourself to a 90 minute body treatment

There is a big difference between a 60min and a 90min massage. If you have only had a 60min massage I'd like you to try a 90min massage. During a 60 min massage you can only have a full body massage without the head massage, or just the back&head massage without the full body. But if you have a 90min massage you can have full body massage including a long head massage.

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