We are so lucky to live in Canada and especially the east coast!  We had such an amazing summer but can now look forward to another amazing season of great weather, delicious harvests and fun events.

I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and made lots of great memories.

A lot of customers who live outside of PEI came back to Serenity Salon this summer. Thank you so much for remembering us and taking time to receive a massage from your very limited time here.  Also it was very nice to meet many wonderful new people, and as always, so great to see my regular visitors!

Although I was trying to answer all of your request, I was often too busy that I was unable to accept reservations. I’m very sorry for causing you any inconvenience.  I’ll try to accommodate you next summer when you visit again!

Now that summer vacation is over things are settling down for me. I hope you will contact us soon and make an appointment for a relaxing, healing massage.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Enjoy the beautiful autumn!
Setsuko Nagai,
Head Therapist