Serenity Salon Cares

I have had several opportunities to travel to India and each time there I saw many homeless children fighting to survive in the streets of India. They have no home, no parents and little hope. Many of them are working all day everyday just to earn some rupees to feed themselves and buy clothes. It is heartbreaking to see and I can never forget all the kids I met on my trips to India. It makes me realize how lucky I (we) are to be born in a developed country where we have enough food to eat, a house to live in, and clothes to protect us from the cold. I want to share my good fortune with those kids in India and try to make their life a little better and easier

I will donate a portion of all my proceeds to the Butterflies Street Children Charity in New Delhi, India. It is an honest, hard working charity and does so much good for the kids of India. I thank you for choosing Serenity Salon and some of your money is going to a great cause.

Setsuko Nagai