Shinrinyoku – Forest Bathing

I would like to introduce you this month to a very unique hobby called forest bathing. This is the “Toronto Star” article that Linda Barnard wrote about her “Forest Bathing” experience in PEI.

Wake up happy: hang out among the treetops in P.E.I.

The advantage of forest bathing for developing good health has been getting attention recently in North America and it’s popularity is growing. I visited Linda at her at “Tree top haven” for a mobile massage. The rooms were built like parts of trees. I felt a little bit like a bird in a bird nest when I was in the room. It was a very neat experience.

When I had lived in Tokyo, I had to take trains for hours to go to the nature. But now I live in front of the ocean and beside woods. There are so many nice trails on the island, it doesn’t take so long to reach them. This article reminds me of how lucky I am.

You can check about “Tree top haven” here:

And if you are interested in “Forest Bathing”, there are some articles written about how amazing the benefits are.

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