Dunes Studio Gallery and Cafe

This fabulous studio gallery is one of the funnest, relaxing and most beautiful places to shop and dine in the entire country, and it’s located just a 10 minute drive from our salon! They have a huge range of art from local Island artists and a wide selection from international artists that ranges from blown class and hand made pottery to textiles, paintings, books, jewelry, soaps and more! Their extensive gardens surrounding the property are perfect for a leisurely stroll and the sunsets over the gardens are breathtaking. And, why not have a meal, or at least a sumptuous dessert, after you’re done browsing! The food is masterfully prepared by their famous chef, Norman Day, and the cozy cafe overlooks the beautiful gardens. It’s a ‘must see’ stop on any trip to the north shore but be careful once you enter it’s hard to leave!

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