Aromatherapy of the Month – Juniper

Its medicinal properties are known throughout the world. The Greeks, Romans, and Arabs valued its antiseptic properties, while the Mongolians used it to assist women in labour. More recently, juniper and rosemary were burned to clear the air in French hospitals. In the Bible, Elijah sleeps under a Juniper tree (King 1:19:4-5) connecting it with the ability to revive the spirits.

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Cleaning your house using natural, healthy Aromatherapy

Spring is a time for house cleaning. This week I began cleaning my house but I found that the chemical cleansers I was using were too strong and nauseating (even though the smell was supposed to imitate flowers or fruit it was still noxious for me).

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Aromatherapy of the Month – Clary Sage

This tall, biennial herb grows in most parts of the world and provides a powerful aromatic, yet benevolent, euphonic oil. Its leaves are rather similar to those of common sage, although they are broader, wrinkled, and hairy. The blue-white flowers are smaller than those of the more familiar herb and are enclosed in greeny-yellow, sometimes […]

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