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Current Specials


October Specials – Immune booster

I call this month’s special the Immune Booster! It has three components:

  1. Lemon ginger tea
  2. Immune boosting Aromatherapy massage
  3. Warming blend herbal tea

* Plus, as a bonus you can have a free sample of the essential oil “Thieves”.

This season is a period when your immunity is getting lower and it is easy to catch a cold or get sick. Increase immune power with this Immune Booster treatment and prepare for the coming of winter.

Aromatherapy massage using the best selling essential oil in Young Living’s, “Thieves” (containing clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon, and Eucalyptus radiata) and using some hot stones partly warms your body from the core and helps to raise immunity.

60 min full body treatment (no head) – $59

90 min full body treatment including head – $89

* If you would like to have full hot stone treatment, the additional fee is $30.

Hot Stone Therapy

How To Make ‘Lemon Ginger Tea”

I make fresh lemon ginger tea for the beginning of every detoxifying leg treatment that I due for clients. Everyone really enjoys it and it is very beneficial for detoxifying! Plus, it’s easy to make, healthy and delicious! Please try it yourself at home. I make and drink it every morning after I get up. It’s good either morning or night. Try it!

  1. Grate some ginger – grate it in a small strainer and pour hot water through it.
  2. Squeeze some lemon into the drained hot ginger water.
  3. Add some honey in it, then mix it well.

Drink it slowly while it is very hot and enjoy the invigorating healthy taste!

How to boost your immune system

Good food for boosting immune system

There are many varieties of foods that boost immunity, but foods that improve the intestinal action (yogurt, etc), foods with antioxidants (Vitamin C, etc) are particularly good.

Ingredients containing zinc and selenium are indispensable ingredients for the production of enzymes that suppress active oxygen, including oysters, sesame seeds, dried shrimps, beans, clams, and seaweeds.

In addition to these, there are strong antioxidant lycopene (tomato), catechin (green tea), anthocyanin (blueberry), quercetin (onion, apple etc), polyphenols (red wine, banana, cacao etc) Also ingest glucan (polysaccharide contained in mushroom) and fucoidan (polysaccharide contained in seaweed) etc.

Essential oils which are good for boosting immune system

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Marjoram
  • Tea tree
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary

Birthday Discount

Full body 60 mins – regular $80 – special price just $50
Full body 90 mins – regular $120 – special price just $75
Facial 60 mins – regular $100 – special price just $70

Refer a Friend

If you recommend our salon to a friend and he or she has a treatment you will receive 20 extra mins free of charge, or a hot stone option added to your next treatment.  We appreciate your referral and want to reward you for your kindness!