Aromatherapy of the Month – Juniper

This evergreen tree or shrub has fine, stiff, needle-like leaves of bluish-green and small flowers that are followed by tiny berries. The tree is native to Scandinavia, Siberia, Canada, northern Europe, and Asia. Its medicinal properties are known throughout the world. The Greeks, Romans, and Arabs valued its antiseptic properties, while the Mongolians used it to assist women in labour. More recently, juniper and rosemary were burned to clear the air in French hospitals. In the Bible, Elijah sleeps under a Juniper tree (King 1:19:4-5) connecting it with the ability to revive the spirits.

Applications and Effects

Its most important use is as a detoxifier. Also particularly effective for cellulite, absence of menstrual periods, cystitis, water retention, and painful periods.

  • Skin: Acne, dermatitis, eczema, haemorrhoids, toner for oily skin, wounds.
  • Circulatory and muscular systems: Toxic states generally, gout, arthritis, cramps, rheumatism.
  • Digestive system: Detoxifying.
  • Immune system: Colds, ‘flu, coughs, purification of the blood, useful following infection.
  • Nervous system: Anxiety, nervous tension.
  • Mental/emotional effects: Strengthens the spirit and purifies the atmosphere. Can help in challenging situations and when overcome with feelings of regret for past actions.


Some people may find it irritating, and it is best avoided during pregnancy. Not to be used by people with kidney disease.

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