April Specials

Detoxifying Aromatherapy Massage - 60 mins-$59 / 90 mins-$89

Another massage special we are offering this month is a restorative massage using a blend of special oils and essential oils that help remove toxins, reduce cellulite, fight poor circulation and reduce water retention. It will help enliven your body after a long winter of stagnation and get you refreshed for spring! This massage includes fruit and detoxifying tea afterwards. (Special lasts until March 30th)

Customized Treatment - 120 mins-$110

This month we are offering a customized treatment that is just right for your current physical and psychological needs. This 120 minute treatment for $110 is comprised of several different therapies. For example: a 60 min facial with 30 min reflexology and 30 min back massage. Or maybe, a 90 min aromatherapy with hot stone and 30 min Reiki treatment. We will sit with you for a consultation before the massage to put together a treatment that is just right for you. Book soon and let us plan a session that will leave you feeling healthier in mind, body and spirit! (Special lasts until April 30th)

Facial & Back Treatment 90 mins- $90

This is a popular 90 minute treatment that begins with a relaxing 30 minute back massage. The treatment then continues with a soothing and rejuvenating 60 minute facial that will leave your skin looking healthy and vibrant. The facial includes a gentle head and scalp massage that helps relieve those final few bits of tension that may be lingering! It's a wonderful combination leaving you looking younger and feeling lighter!


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About Me

My name is Setsuko Nagai-Eagar. I am a Japanese woman who was born and raised in Japan and married a Maritimer, 10 years ago in Japan. Shortly after, we moved to PEI. I love living here in PEI. I am a well trained Therapist and have practiced massage therapy in many countries around the world. I have studied in Japan, Thailand, and India, and have worked in several prestigious 5 star hotel-spas in Japan. I will welcome you and guide you to a relaxing space, and help you enhance your health and natural beauty. Please enjoy the serenity and beauty of your time , here in PEI.


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*60min: $80  ->$59!|*90min $120  ->$89!
*Add Hot Stone therapy for $30 extra.  

Swedish Massage
60min: $80 -> $59!

60min: $80 -> $59!

Thai Massage
60min: $80  -> $59!|90min $120  -> $89!

60min: $100  -> $79!

60min: $80 -> $59! 

Back & Head Massage
60min: $80 -> $59!

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Contact Me

Hours: 9:00am – 9:00pm
Email:  serenity@massagepei.com
Tel:       902-213-1184

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Our Day Spa Location:

102 Eagar Lane, York, C0A 1P0

Serenity Salon Cares
I have had several opportunities to travel to India and each time there I saw many homeless children fighting to survive in the streets of India.  They have no home, no parents and little hope.  Many of them are working all day everyday just to earn some rupees to feed themselves and buy clothes.  It is heartbreaking to see and I can never forget all the kids I met on my trips to India.  It makes me realize how lucky I (we) are to be born in a developed country where we have enough food to eat, a house to live in, and clothes to protect us from the cold.  I want to share my good fortune with those kids in India and try to make their life a little better and easier.
I will donate a portion of all my proceeds to the Butterflies Street Children Charity in New Delhi, India.  It is an honest, hard working charity and does so much good for the kids of India. I thank you for choosing Serenity Salon and some of your money is going to a great cause.
Setsuko Nagai.